Monday, August 5, 2013

welcome 18

hello everybody , as you now yesterday on 4th of august on 2013 i'm turning become 18 , time moving so fast there's qoute like this" when we are getting older life getting hard too" totally agree with that.Actually i remember , when i was child i want a be a grow up person , do it something and i realized that childhood time feels like there's no trouble no hard thing and other problem. anyway fasting month almost over and lebaran is coming and meet up with all of my brother and sister.lately Malang became so freaking cold it's almost 17 degree when night or in the morning that's why it's perfect weather for use sweater  :)

WHAT I WORE : pink sweater - H&M , skirt - made by me , shoes - shoecorner , clutch - H&M , necklace - mika accessories

Saturday, July 20, 2013

crop it

hello guys, actually now it's already in the middle of fasting month and it's also busy in school too thanks god they make a weekend days so i can relax and posting on my blog again. btw have you ever watch despicable me 2 ? i know it's super late but those minnion are freaking cute , for you that hasn't watch i recommend those movie , and in the house i always play minnion rush and kind a addict with those game hihi anyway for this post i wear super crop sweater and leather skirt so enjoy xx   

what i wore : cop sweater -platform shop  , leather skirt - cloth inc ,  clutch - bershka , shoes - wowdesign , neon necklace - mika accessorize.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


hello guys aaah feels like i'm never touched this blog :( and now i'm in the last grade of senior high school and it means that my time will be filled with learn and learn for the best result i hope and really really wish that i could join in the university that i want amin :) anyway if you want to see my daily look you can look at my instagram @riestyaap . anyway it's already fasting month super fast so happy fasting guys. 


what i wore : top ,necklace, and shoes - FOREVER 21 , skirt - platform shop , bag - thrift shop